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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yesterday i read a very interesting article on the newspapers which I feel really represents the voice of many bikers in Singapore. Its written by Stanley Tan in TODAY newspaper on wednesday 16 June 2010.

"I refer to the letter "To save biker's lives ..." (June 12) by Mark Chan. Ut is a rampant misconception that motorcyclists belong in the left-most lane, with the other slow moving vehicles limited to 70kmh by law.

Heavy vehicles are required to keep to the left-hand lane because of their size, which obstructs the view of other road users.

But motorcycles occupy less road space, and are thus not restricted to any one lane.

On our expressways, the misconception that right-most (overtaking) lane leads to unnecessary tension between road users.

More should be done to educate road users that lane is reserved for over-taking, regardless of whether for a car or a motorcycle.

Many motorcyclists also choose to ride between lanes for safety reasons. Lane splittling allows them to manoeuvre quickly out of head-on collisions should the vehicle in front come to a sudden halt.

It cannot be emphasised more that drivers of other vehicles should treat motorcyclists with more respect on the road, as accidents involving motorcyclists would likely lead to serious injury or death."

Being a motorcyclist, you get very easily irritated by other road users, and sometimes you wonder if they are legitimately obtained their driving license from the driving centres. I'm not saying that motorcyclists are not at fault, of course we do speed and weave through traffic dangerously at times. But most of the tension on the roads and traffic congestion comes from drivers.

I personally have a few problems with 9/10 drivers in Singapore. And if they can adjust the way they drive, I am confident that the roads in Singapore will become more user friendly for everyone with less accidents and traffic congestion.

1. Tailgating a motorcyclist. This is the most dangerous thing that can happen on the road. NEVER tailgate a motorcyclist. You can tailgate a car or heavy vehicle and when the suddenly brake or you misjudged your speed and bump them in the ass, it will only cause a dent or scratch in the bumper. But in the case of a motorcycle, a slight knock in the rear can easily result in a crash. Not forgetting that the car is so close at the back, it will run over the motorcyclist instantly.

2. Control your accelerator to adjust your speed, not let road conditions determine your speed. Many drivers always let the gradient of the road determine their speed. When going upslope, they are lazy to accelerate more to catch up with the current speed and allow their speed to fall. When it comes to a downslope, they continue with their current accelerator which makes their car go faster than usual. The sudden slowdown of vehicle will cause the other vehicles to slow down and this line goes on a long way until the last vehicle is experiencing a traffic jam.

For e.g.: A vehicle is traveling at 100km/h. When reaching upslope, it doesn't accelerate more thus the speed drop to 70-80km/h. Then it comes to a downslope and the driver still doesn't slwo down his accelerator thus the vehicle is speeding at 120km/h, resulting in having to tailgate other road users and causing tension.

Also, drivers drive like this - 直路像条龙,弯路像条虫. When it comes to a straight road, they want to go fast. When they see a slight turn or when exiting an expressway, they slow down so much its totally unnecessary. Control your speed, and not let it control you. If you'd realise, motorcyclist always maintain their speed, which is why we always cut lanes. If we're traveling at 100km/h, we will do so until we reach our destination.

3. Understanding the meaning of an accelerating lane and decelerating lane. 9/10 drivers like to maintain their speed on an accelerating lane when entering the expressway, and then changing to the 1st or 2nd lane immediately even when their speed doesn't match the other cars on those lanes.

For e.g.: A driver is driving at 70km/h before reaching the accelerating lane. Upon reaching, they do not speed up but maintain at 70km/h. Then when they are on the expressway at perhaps 80km/h, they want to change lane to the outer lanes. This will cause the car behind traveling at 90-100km/h to slow down so as not to have a collision. It will then have a chain reaction to the very back where the traffic starts to jam up.

This should not be the case. When on an accelerating lane, speed on the accelerator and get more speed. If the road ahead of you is clear, there is no reason for you to go onto the outer lane. Drive until you catch up with the vehicle in front before changing lane, or at least match the speed of the other cars on outer lanes before going in to travel with them.

4. Slowing down to watch an accident. This applies to all road users, including heavy vehicles and motorcyclists. When there is an accident, there is no need for you to slow down to see what is going on. If you are really interested, you can get more information on the radio or newspaper the next day. If you're really so kpo that you want to know that very minute, then stop your vehicle on the road shoulder to go help, not slow down and watch then accelerate again.

Statistics have shown that many accidents are caused by use of cell phones, and these numbers mainly comes from drivers. Also, collisions are also mainly caused by cars. If you have a swarm of motorcyclist riding closely together at high speeds (like at the woodlands causeway checkpoint) or heavy vehicles traveling together (like at tuas industrial park), its very rare that you see an accident happening. It is always a car hitting a motorcycle, or a car hitting a heavy vehicle.

Drivers tend to think that just because they pay the highest road tax thus they have the right on the roads. Everyone have equal share on the roads because we all pay our road tax. And drivers feel safe about tailgating, speeding, and cutting lanes recklessly because they feel too comfortable in the car with doors and frames to protect them all over. This results in the negligence to watch out for other vehicles in front or coming from the back. Motorcyclists on the other hand are very alert all the time. Believe it or not, we are very aware of every single movement in our sight, whether a car is coming up fast behind us, or whether another car is about to change lane in front.

Go drive or ride on the road today and see for yourself if the points i've mentioned are true. You will also see that motorcyclists don't travel on the 1st lane at all unless their speed is above 110km/h. Drivers should think twice and reconsider their driving techniques before showing hand signals or pointing fingers at motorcylists continued by 5mins of ranting in the car.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

08/08/08 08:08 <3 - 11:30:00 PM;

I recently just learnt something new: How to tell if someone is gay?
Actually the answer is very simple, but yet many will say its unfair and stereotyping.
When i say gay, i don't just refer to men only, but women as well.
How we tell if someone is gay is simply through judgement.
Yes, we judge them based on their appearance, their manner of speech, their every action, or even circle of friends that they hang out with.
Is this fair? No.
Then why do we do it?
Why do we have suspicion about a guy who shaves his legs, eats too politely and speaks softly like a girl and say that he is gay?
This can be explained through a cheetah and leopard scenario.

Gays are like leopards and cheetahs.
From far you see them with spots on their skin and moves swiftly waiting to pounce on its prey.
From this distance, you can not tell if it is a cheetah or a leopard.
But do you go near it and poke it or brush its fur to tell which is it?
Of course not right!
From this distance you make your judgement - Hmm, the spots are more circular in shape, and the distance is closer as compared to the other animal. That should be a cheetah and not a leopard.
This judgement may not be accurate all the time, but it does help in differentiating between the two.
So sad to say, we as humans tend to judge people based on how we perceive them to be.
It's not wrong, its just our way of doing things.

If I had to choose, i'd rather judge someone from a distance than to go near him and poke him by saying "Hey are you gay?"

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

How come no matter where I go people say i look like a girl?
Even now in my new workplace my friends tell me I look good in a skirt -.-!
And another auntie didn't believe that i'm 22. She said i look more like i'm only 19 or 18.
I told her the trick is to stay happy everyday,
have no stress, no fear, no anger.
A steady mind keeps your face looking young!
Better than going for facial..

08/08/08 08:08 <3 - 11:51:00 AM;

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What do we look out for during work everyday?
What are the things that help carry us through our work everyday so that work seems like a breeze even if we exert strength, sweat it all out and skip meals?
Today Marlina is in a good mood (Marlina is one of my shift leaders at Treetops)
And because she is in a good mood, work is like a breeze today.
When it is time for meals, without delay she sent me to take my dinner.
Then Mrs Dowling gave us pizza and some other good food and Marlina allowed me to eat behind the counter.
Also, there weren't much arrivals and departures today.

What more can I ask for man seriously?
Work is so smooth sailing today, no problems, no cork ups, nobody giving us any troubles.

If only work is like this everyday I would definitely look forward to it.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today I just watched a DVD called Julia and Julie and it made me want to learn how to cook. Like proper professional cooking with the proper use of ingredients and not Tze Char style. And also i've drawn up some short term goals that I have to force myself to meet.

1. Quickly finish my internship without much hassle and trouble.
2. Find a job ASAP if I'm not going to continue at Treetops, I certainly do not want to slack at home doing nothing while waiting to go for NS.
3. Buy a cook book and learn how to cook 10 mouth watering dishes. They should be main courses and not appetizers or desserts.
4. Save, SAve, SAVe, SAVE up more money and plant everything I have in my Prudential investment plan.
5. Ultimately, I aim to migrate to either NZ or Aus by the age of 35.

All these isn't as difficult as it sounds as long as I put my heart to it, I believe.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Counting down 4 months to class2 !!! Seriously can't wait man!
And i know this question sounds stupid,
But, does anyone have job to recommend? =/

08/08/08 08:08 <3 - 11:05:00 PM;

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've just been invited to attend a class gathering for Princess Elizabeth Primary School Class6C year of 1999!




SAY WHAT SIA.. HOW'S LIFE? so cliche..

but i'll still attend lah, i wanna see how everyone's faces have changed.

08/08/08 08:08 <3 - 12:57:00 AM;

$ It's no longer just me, its us. Currently pursuing a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Temasek Polytechnic (Will be continuing into the 4th year) I tend to look on the negative side of life, not talk when there are many people around, and i am really a fan of good food. If you are looking for a mahjong leg, please call me. If you are looking for someone to party, i am not free.

$ Email me: bryan.kheh@hotmail.com

$ OR call me: 9-IRON-MAN ^^


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